Writing a birth plan for c-section

Surrounding organs like your bowel or bladder can be injured and require additional surgery to fix. In other words, experts agree: Moms who deliver vaginally will have oxytocin released, and that definitely encourages bonding when the baby is handed to them.

Expect your scar to be sore for at least a few weeks, so forgo holding and carrying most things — except the baby. When you feel up to it, stroll around your house slowly it will help with gas and constipation too.

If her reaction is too extreme, she should talk to her doctor about giving her a different medication. I still have a iron bond with my son, and had a relatively easy recovery.

Writing A Cesarean Birth Plan

In fact, if it's deemed medically necessary, it can be the safest way for your baby to enter the world. Written birth plans are very common and help doctors, nurses, midwives, etc.

This is a great tool that allows your wishes to be clearly stated and gives a sense of control over your delivery. An excellent diet will help you to heal and it will help ensure a healthy pregnancy for any future babies that you will have, as well as a great chance at a VBAC, or vaginal birth after cesarean.

A c-section is also physically damaging. Your doctor may prescribe a stool softener or mild laxative if you need it.

They leave mom a bit fuzzy and off, which is not the best for bonding with baby. I do not wish to see my placenta after birth.

You can delay having your baby washed, bathed or dressed until you are back on the maternity ward and have fed him or her for the first time. If the C-section takes place before you've done any or much pushing, you'll avoid bloodshot eyes and bruises on your face.

Do you plan on breastfeeding. Surgery, Baby, and Post-Op. That definitely makes bonding harder. Ultimately, the best time for your baby to make that grand entrance is when he or she is ready. So when they see a long birth plan, all they can think is of all the women who came before with that long birth plan.


You may feel both. Do whatever it takes to make your life easier — and do it guilt-free. What level NICU does your particular hospital have. These are all suggestions for things you could put in your birth plan Surgery: So take as many shortcuts as you can.

Your birthing coach or partner will be outfitted in sterile garb and allowed to sit near your head and hold your hand. Do what you need to do to process through the experience, and remember guilt isn't helpful — process and let things go.

The do’s & don’ts of birth plans

I will ask if I would like something for pain. After birth, will your twins be able to remain with you in your hospital room. You might sail right through the early stage of labor dilation to 3 centimetersonly to grind to a halt.

Recovery While you may be eager to start caring for your precious and needy newborn, the physical and emotional recovery after a C-section takes longer than it does after a vaginal birth.

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Writing A Cesarean Birth Plan Posted on October 28, by Heidi Thaden-Pierce For those mothers who know they'll be delivering by cesarean birth, or for those mothers who like to prepare for every possible outcome, here are some questions to consider for your birth plan. Writing a caesarean birth plan Share You may already know that you're going to have a caesarean, or that it's a possibility, for example, if your baby is breech.

15 Helpful Tips For A Cesarean Birth 15 Helpful Tips For A Cesarean Birth. September 4, Birth this time around if a VBAC isnt to be i have written a new birth plan to incorporate c section including delayed clamping and skin to skin immediately. as it was they never took baby away i could see him the whole time and my husband held him.

Writing a birth plan for an elective c section Hi ladies, Well, i am having my section a week today (eeeek!) due to problems in my last birth and the damage caused during it. A twin birth plan is basically an outline of your expectations and wishes for your ideal labor and delivery.

Written birth plans are very common and help doctors, nurses, midwives, etc. in understanding your particular desires and requests during labor and delivery of your twins. Writing a Birth Plan for a C-Section - great questions to think about!

See more. Find this Pin and more on Binkies, Bottles, and Babies - Oh My! by Binkies, Bottles, and Babies. See more. Breastfeeding after a Cesarean Birth.

Writing a birth plan for c-section
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